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backlight.h File Reference

#include <g13/udev.h>
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int g13_device_get_backlight_rgb (g13_device *device, unsigned *r, unsigned *g, unsigned *b)
 Get the current backlight color as an RGB value.
int g13_device_set_backlight_rgb (g13_device *device, unsigned r, unsigned g, unsigned b)
 Set the backlight color to the specified RGB value.

Function Documentation

int g13_device_set_backlight_rgb ( g13_device device,
unsigned  r,
unsigned  g,
unsigned  b 

Set the backlight color to the specified RGB value.

0 if successful; on failure returns -1 and sets errno
r Red value from 0 to 255
g Green value from 0 to 255
b Blue value from 0 to 255

If r , g or b are greater than 255 they will be set to 255.

References g13_device_get_syspath().

Referenced by g13_device_set_state(), and G13::Device::set_backlight().

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