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g13-cairo.h File Reference

#include <g13.h>
#include <cairo.h>
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cairo_surface_t * cairo_g13_surface_create (g13_device *device)
void cairo_g13_set_source_black (cairo_t *cairo)
void cairo_g13_set_source_white (cairo_t *cairo)
void cairo_g13_clear (cairo_t *cairo)


cairo_user_data_key_t cairo_g13_fbmem_key

Function Documentation

void cairo_g13_clear ( cairo_t *  cairo  ) 
void cairo_g13_set_source_black ( cairo_t *  cairo  ) 
void cairo_g13_set_source_white ( cairo_t *  cairo  ) 
cairo_surface_t* cairo_g13_surface_create ( g13_device device  ) 

Variable Documentation

cairo_user_data_key_t cairo_g13_fbmem_key

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