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key_symbols.h File Reference

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int g13_get_symbol_index (const char *name)
int g13_get_symbol_code (int index)
int g13_get_symbol_code_from_name (const char *name)


const char *const g13_key_symbol_names []
const unsigned int g13_key_symbol_codes []
const int g13_key_symbols

Function Documentation

int g13_get_symbol_code ( int  index  ) 

References g13_key_symbol_codes.

int g13_get_symbol_code_from_name ( const char *  name  ) 
int g13_get_symbol_index ( const char *  name  ) 

Variable Documentation

const unsigned int g13_key_symbol_codes[]
const char* const g13_key_symbol_names[]

Referenced by g13_get_symbol_index().

const int g13_key_symbols

Referenced by g13_get_symbol_index().

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